allotype aluminotype ambrotype apotype apyrotype archprototype aristotype artotype authotype autotype biotype cacotype calotype cerotype chirotype chromocollotype chromotype coenotype collodiotype collotype cotype cyanotype daguerreotype daguerreotyper deuterotype diaphanotype diazotype duotype electrostereotype electrotype electrotyper ferrotype ferrotyper fluorotype gelatinotype genotype gillotype glossotype gonotype graphotype haplotype heliochromotype heliotype hemiorthotype heterotype holotype homeotype homoeotype homotype hyalotype hydrotype iconotype icotype idiotype intagliotype isogenotype isotype karyotype lamprotype lectotype linotype linotyper lipotype lithotype logotype mesotype microtype mimotype monotype neallotype necrotype neotype ootype optotype orthotype ozotype palaeotype palaiotype panotype pantotype papyrotype paralectotype phenotype phonotype phonotyper photochromotype photocollotype photoelectrotype photomezzotype phototype photovitrotype photozincotype physiotype plastotype platinotype plesiotype porotype proterotype prototype protype pyrostereotype serotype somatotype somatotyper stannotype stenotype stereotype stereotyped stereotyper stereotypery talbotype tautotype telotype thermotype topotype transferotype transferrotype trigonotype unstereotyped vitrotype zincotype zootype

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